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He wants me to reject support from baby daddy...

My boyfriend has said he does not want me to get any help from my baby daddy, claiming that this brings us close and may result in having another child....

My husband demands my salary

He demands all my salary at the end of the month, claiming women are not good financial managers.

Kwanzi Valentines' dinner lights up Kabale...

The dinner was aimed at raising funds to support the vulnerable girls

Couples make Valentine's Day deposit in 'Love...

The "Love Bank" is the main attraction of an exhibition commemorating the world's longest love poem, "Marina" by Slovak poet Andrej Sladkovic.

Help! My sister-in-law is breaking our love...

My sister-in-law is negatively influencing my wife.

Ed Sheeran announces engagement

Sheeran and Seaborn, who are childhood friends, have reportedly been dating since 2015.

He wants a heir, he could leave me

My husband is threatening to leave me for another woman if I do not give him a heir.

What does this old woman have that I don't...

I am sassy, fit and fabulous. The woman is old, saggy and a mess. I can’t work out what he sees in her.

Will I find a husband before menopause?

Coming from a Christian background, I grew up knowing that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and having sex before marriage is an abomination.

I may hate my baby since I hate the dad

I am carrying a pregnancy from a man I do not love.


Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

The health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng, urged health workers to use the new facilities to save the newborns.