Saturday,August 24,2019 23:16 PM

Labour Laws

Kyamugambi 318x200

Improve the PPDA law to enable  Procurement...

The law should cater for Investment Projects that require a lot of negotiations and changes of specifications as the process develops.

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Human trafficking hurts labour market

The congress made it mandatory on the labour organisations of all countries of the world to honour May 1

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Safety: Govt to close non-complying factories...

Bigirimana said those found unregistered contrary to the OSH Act, 2006, will be given 21 days in which to comply or be closed, as per the law.

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Govt refutes number of workers' deaths in...

Gender minister Janat Mukwaya says preliminary investigations reveal that five people died. There are claims that the number is 48.

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Sh260,000 minimum salary proposed for housemaids...

The report called for fast tracking of the minimum wage process that proposes a pay of at least sh260,000 to house helps.

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Calls to legalize, professionalize domestic...

“We ought to encourage domestic workers to take up their responsibilities in a more professional way."

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Qatar 'singled out' for criticism says 2022...

Thawadi said there was no evidence of wrongdoing against Qatar and that the country would cooperate with investigators in Switzerland and the US


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Fighting human trafficking in Uganda...

It explains why in 2000 the United National General Assembly adopted a Palermo Protocol that allows each country to fight the various forms of trafficking in their country.