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Kampala Twins Festival

What causes repeated twinning?

One health expert pegs repeated twinning to high fertility.

A twin who gave birth to twins

Mary Anne Babirye gave birth to twins. The twins; Mary Francesca Nyangoma and Mary Assumpta Nyakato had a 7-minute difference. Nyangoma being eldest.

We are inseparable; we enjoy staying together...

As we prepare for the event, we bring you a story of Sarah Babirye and Hadijja Nakato, 54, one pair of twins that is inseparable.

We were forced to get married at 14

New Vision visited some of the oldest twins. Babirye Emilina (Blue gomesi) and Christina Nakato (red gomesi) shared their childhood stories

We confused sengas at our introduction ceremonies...

“Ssenga had never met us so when she came to identify me, she failed to pick me me because I was seated with Wasswa, who was my best man,” Kato says.

'My twin brother rescued me from fire'

My brother was by my bedside for all the six months I was in hospital after an accident. He put aside his demands and dedicated his time for me.

Health experts explain how twins come about...

According to Dr. Charles Kiggundu a senior consultant gynecologist working at Mulago Hospital, one in 60 pregnant women is carrying a twin pregnancy.

Kagona's house of twins

“I gave birth to the first and second-born. On the third birth on February 2, 1976, it was a set of twins; Alex Waiswa and Eva Kagona,” says Nabirye.

Vision visits oldest twin

The visit by the Vision team was to condole with Nakato over the demise of her twin and to remind her that the Vision family, cares about her.

Twins say closeness is the secret

When they were born premature in 1912, doctors gave Paulette and Simone the slimmest chance of survival. But they have lived to over 104 years.


TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

Cases are reported in different countries, but the desk has no funds to facilitate investigations