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Kampala City

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How Kampalans enjoyed life 15 years ago

Angenoir Discotheque, located on First Street, Industrial Area, is so far the biggest establishment in the night-entertainment providers that have stood...

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Kampala in the morning

Different activities that happen during morning hours along Jinja road Kampala

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What an alternative use of a rail line!

During the massive Scramble for Africa, the Uganda Railway was the one genuinely strategic railway to be constructed in tropical Africa at that time. However,...

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Kampala streets in the morning

Different activities happening along Jinja Road on Wednesday morning.

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Don’t throw those old clothes, add value...

Experts say right from clothes that people look at as old and they throw, they can also be used to earn someone an income.

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Medics involved in Drug theft should be sentenced...

The council board members together led by their secretary Samuel Opio said that government and parliament should consider reviewing of the penal code to...

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Youth cautioned on mushrooming churches

“If you ask me about some of the mushrooming churches: are they all genuine? I would say No,” he said at a thanksgiving service at Multitech Business School...

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Floods hit again

With the heavy rain that pounded many parts of central Uganda, some of the roads have become impassable.

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Can Kampala afford its changing skyline

New Vision TV now takes a look at the city's changing skylines and projects its future as well.

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A look through Uganda's capital city, Kampala...

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Take a look at its sky lining buildings, people and streets.


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Local Government ministry protests...

The development comes after reports that the health ministry was pushing to recentralize recruitment of district health officers.