Kampala City

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Theft in car parks as the festive season...

Acan is among the victims of rampant thefts that are common during the festive season when people are traveling in big numbers to and from the village....

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Afternoon showers wreck havoc in Kampala...

Roads and businesses flooded, and pedestrians having to wade through muddy waters

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Build Condos to reduce land wrangles

Due to the increasing population in Uganda, the right way to go is constructing condominiums all over the country in order to reduce on the rampant land...

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Two Ugandans for “Future Stars” coaching...

Two winners - one male and one female - will be chosen by a public vote to fly to London for the training.

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Dollar demand emerges amid low foreign exchange...

The Uganda shilling hit a bit of volatility, trading sideways as pockets of demand emerged amid low foreign exchange supply during the week.

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Kampala roads keep the British Colonial legacy...

Today, a number of roads, mostly in the affluent suburbs of Kampala, derive their names from personalities of the British occupation era.

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The changing face of Kampala

How times change! The raw rustic landscape that defined our beloved capital Kampala is a thing of the past.

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How Kampalans enjoyed life 15 years ago

Angenoir Discotheque, located on First Street, Industrial Area, is so far the biggest establishment in the night-entertainment providers that have stood...

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Kampala in the morning

Different activities that happen during morning hours along Jinja road Kampala

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What an alternative use of a rail line!

During the massive Scramble for Africa, the Uganda Railway was the one genuinely strategic railway to be constructed in tropical Africa at that time. However,...


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Hollywood star joins ‘Save Murchison...

“Don’t say that. When I heard in whispers that the majestic falls are to go away I was in tears. But why? That will be a tragedy..."