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Kampala City Authority (kcca)

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Parliament allocates extra sh40b to KCCA...

Lugoloobi justified the allocation arguing it would greatly help KCCA to improve their revenue collections which have greatly dwindled.

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KCCA gives Kikumikikumi a new face

Today, Uganda’s leading university boasts of a robust road network in and around it, buildings and other structures.

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KCCA calls for more garbage collection partners...

“Garbage management is a serious controversy in the city today. I urge all city dwellers to play a role in complementing KCCA duty,” Kamaya said.

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Police foils youth protest in Kampala

Police swung in action and arrested most of them as some fleed the area. Those arrested were chanting the Ugandan anthem.

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KCCA evicts street vendors

Last week Kampala Minister Beti Kamya, directed city authorities to evict all street vendors off the streets as a way of creating trade order in the city....

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Local leaders warned against extortion 

The leaders were also told to serve the communities irrespective of the political affiliation.

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KCCA to include counselling in health care...

Uganda has over 2000 counsellors but most of them are underutilised.

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KCCA celebrates seven years


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Campaigns alone will not improve road use...

All Ugandans should stand up, speak out and stand to be counted against these preventable road massacres

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KCCA revenue grows by 188%

Peter Kaujju, the KCCA director public and corporate affairs, said revenue collection in the city has over six years grown from sh28b to sh95b, courtesy...


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A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.