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Kampala City Authority (kcca)

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You could be jailed for cutting a tree in...

According to clause 11 of the bill, no tree on public or private land shall be cut in Kampala without a permit or approval from the authority.

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Why Tumukunde went for Lukwago’s seat

I am mobilising voters to change the leadership in Kampala. Kampala is an important sub-area of Uganda. It is the face of Uganda and centre of influence,...

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KCCA bosses , councillors clash over property...

Lukwago proposed 0% for properties whose rateable value does not exceed sh5m and that above sh5m but does not exceed sh20m should pay 3%.

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Kampala waivers sh10b in taxes

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says according to the Local government Act, local governments are supposed to collect tax and arrears when the tax is due.

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Parliament allocates extra sh40b to KCCA...

Lugoloobi justified the allocation arguing it would greatly help KCCA to improve their revenue collections which have greatly dwindled.

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KCCA gives Kikumikikumi a new face

Today, Uganda’s leading university boasts of a robust road network in and around it, buildings and other structures.

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KCCA calls for more garbage collection partners...

“Garbage management is a serious controversy in the city today. I urge all city dwellers to play a role in complementing KCCA duty,” Kamaya said.

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Police foils youth protest in Kampala

Police swung in action and arrested most of them as some fleed the area. Those arrested were chanting the Ugandan anthem.

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KCCA evicts street vendors

Last week Kampala Minister Beti Kamya, directed city authorities to evict all street vendors off the streets as a way of creating trade order in the city....

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Local leaders warned against extortion 

The leaders were also told to serve the communities irrespective of the political affiliation.


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Fighting human trafficking in Uganda...

It explains why in 2000 the United National General Assembly adopted a Palermo Protocol that allows each country to fight the various forms of trafficking in their country.