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Kagombe Forest Reserve

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Former legislator in trouble over illegal...

The Police threatened to break the house, but Muhumuza sent the keys to the house and on opening 225 pieces of timer and two power saws were found inside...

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Disputes: Court decision too late to save...

Court orders concerning execution of forests should be executed quickly. The boundary surveys at Matiri delayed and gave a helping hand to encroachment....

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Two suspected forest encroachers in Kibaale...

All encroachers were barred from doing any form of cultivation for 21 days at Kagombe Forest Reserve

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Family married to Kagombe forest

“I do not want to stay in this place but my husband told me he had a lot of land in Kibale."


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Uganda's top ten female athletes...

There has been a steady rise in female representation in Ugandan sport. Let's go down memory lane to check out the female crème de crème of Uganda’s athletics.