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Inflation soars to 3.5% from 3%

In particular, the prices of fish increased to 3.4% from the 2.4% recorded under the period under review.

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November inflation increases by 3%

Statistics from Uganda Bureau of Statistics indicate that annual headline Inflation for the year ending November 2018 has been recorded at 3%

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October inflation down to 3%

Commodity price reductions were recorded in; vegetables, charcoal, maize flour, beef, chicken, fish (tilapia), offals, milk, timber and millet bread

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Zimbabwe: Broke again

Even beer is being rationed (two bottles per person), and the cost of everything is soaring as people once again lose confidence in the currency.

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Argentina makes 'progress' to speed up crisis...

The peso has lost half its value against the dollar this year, hampering government efforts to get inflation under control.

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Hyperinflation: spiralling prices and poverty...

How does inflation start soaring?

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Food prices continue to drive inflation down...

“Core inflation declined due to a drop in the cost of services such as education, health and transport to 3.3% in August from 4.0% for the period under...

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The inflation target trap

Central banks never pretended that they could steer inflation directly.

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Sugar prices drive inflation to 7.2%

Besides sugar, the prices of food crops such as watermelon, fish and matooke also increased

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Prices of foodstuffs soar

A single tomato costs between sh300 to sh500


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When mobile phones came to Uganda...

President Yoweri Museveni encouraged other investors to emulate Celtel and “invest in the future of Uganda”.