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Idi Amin

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47 years since Amin expelled Asians

Uganda's once vibrant economy was brought to its knees in the second year of Amin's presidency

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Bwana Jogoo: Evoking bittersweet nostalgia...

This time in our history is brought into vivid relief with Bwana Jogoo, a new docudrama now screening at the National Theatre and which is a must-see for...

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Rare Idi Amin photos displayed at museum...

Peterson says since the mid-1980s, when the Oder Commission convened an investigation into criminal acts, there have been scant opportunities for Ugandans...

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How Ugandans formed gov’t in exile

#40YearsAfterAmin How Ugandans formed a government in exile -PART 1

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When Kabaka Mutesa's body was returned home...

A mood of tension and grief as the plane carrying Sir Edward's remains appeared on the horizon

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#MyUgandaAt56: Arrested for wearing a short...

As we build up to Uganda's 56th Independence Day anniversary, we are sharing some of your stories from the past. Here's what's trending.

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The 6 men who succeeded Amin

Today in History: Exactly 39 years ago, Idi Admin was ousted from office of the President of Uganda. Here are the six men who succeeded him

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Expelled Indians to support childhood education...

"Uganda remains our country even though we live in Canada. We have come to support Early Childhood Education (ECD), which is a major foundation for a child’s...

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Amin and religion

All religions except three were banned


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Fighting human trafficking in Uganda...

It explains why in 2000 the United National General Assembly adopted a Palermo Protocol that allows each country to fight the various forms of trafficking in their country.