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Use old materials for flowers

Those old things can make amazing and unique flower features, which beautify the home.

Going about a play area for your children...

It’s important for parents to ensure that there is enough space in the compound.

Wall paper, the new trend in home decor

A roll of wallpaper costs between sh50,000 and sh200,000 depending on where it is bought from.

Keep indoor plants fresh, clean

However, it gets to a crushing sight, when flowers meant to add freshness, beauty and life to a home, appear droopy and unattractive.

Give your perimeter wall a natural look with...

"The first perimeter walls were made of cement which was smoothened to make them more appealing",

Water beds: A healthier way to catch your...

For asthmatics and those who are allergic to certain substances, the bed repels dust and dust mites.

Building: Do you know where the sand comes...

"I tried dealing in charcoal, but sand mining was at least better because it does not need capital."

How to deal with occupying an unfinished...

Some people prefer moving in to supervise the work on their houses as it nears completion

In Saturday Vision: Following Kampala bomb...

Did you know that the five terror suspects acquitted yesterday by the High Court were immediately re-arrested and taken to an unknown destination?


Pets can teach kids responsibility

Pets can teach kids responsibility

Animals will teach your children more about being responsible than you possibly can. A year ago, I decided to bring a hen...