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Kiteezi 318x200

Neighbourhood watch: Bungalows ambush Kiteezi...

Located 14km from Kampala’s central business district, Kiteezi, which lies about 4km off Gayaza Road in Wakiso district, is developing rapidly.

Garbage 318x200

How to manage garbage at home

Kaujju also discouraged the tendency of burning rubbish at home and dumping it in trenches because it pollutes the environment.

Childsafetyjpg1 318x200

Holidays: How to keep your children safe...

“Safety of the occupants (more so child’s) should be planned ahead of time. The homeowners can seek guidance from their architects, interior designers,...

Lightingjpg2 318x200

Light up your living room for cosy ambience...

Achieving a cosy ambience in the living room is greatly determined by the type and positioning of the lighting chosen.

Swimmingpool1 318x200

How to build a swimming pool in your compound...

The first step in any swimming pool project is to perform a risk assessment at the beginning of project implementation before any work is done.

Landlordtenant 318x200

Landlord and tenant responsibilities

"Many tenants don't bother to sign such a document, a tenancy agreement is important because it covers most of the contentious issues," he says.

Compound 318x200

Bring extra glow, cosy feel to your home...

Benon Kisomose, a technician and electrician at Facom Uganda says the creativity applied in setting up garden lights to enhance the beauty of your home,...

Kitchenislands5 318x200

Kitchen Islands for every classy kitchen...

Right in the middle of this evolution is the classy, dainty kitchen island, which many have taken to in a bid to modernize their kitchens.

Bricks7 318x200

Save by making your own bricks

To produce 10,000 bricks (made from normal soil), which cost sh1,800,000. You will thus have saved sh1, 150,000

Floods 318x200

Rain water would bring your house down

Providing barriers around the house in the form of feature walls or retaining walls can help stop water from running.


Jap2 318x200

Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.