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Did you know you could build a house with...

A studio house is a suitable first home. It is economical, reasonable and good for bachelors.

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Do I have to test the soil before building?...

“My architect advised that before I draw the house plan, I should have a soil test done so that I get to know its type and how it will react to things,...

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Can I build a house using sh49m?

Nyanzi, an architect, says a standard house consists of a master bedroom, two bedrooms for female and male occupants, a visitors’ room, kitchen, dining,...

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Exploring dark colours for a homely ambience...

"Dark-coloured rooms are ideal for lovers of electric décor because they can bring together elements from different worlds."

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Neighbourhood watch: Bungalows ambush Kiteezi...

Located 14km from Kampala’s central business district, Kiteezi, which lies about 4km off Gayaza Road in Wakiso district, is developing rapidly.

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How to manage garbage at home

Kaujju also discouraged the tendency of burning rubbish at home and dumping it in trenches because it pollutes the environment.

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Holidays: How to keep your children safe...

“Safety of the occupants (more so child’s) should be planned ahead of time. The homeowners can seek guidance from their architects, interior designers,...

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Light up your living room for cosy ambience...

Achieving a cosy ambience in the living room is greatly determined by the type and positioning of the lighting chosen.

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How to build a swimming pool in your compound...

The first step in any swimming pool project is to perform a risk assessment at the beginning of project implementation before any work is done.

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Landlord and tenant responsibilities

"Many tenants don't bother to sign such a document, a tenancy agreement is important because it covers most of the contentious issues," he says.


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How to safeguard your home while...

During this season, a number of people travel to their villages to join their family members in one big Christmas party and new year celebration.