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How to plant pasture

With irrigation, comes the need for balanced and often increased fertilisation

How to make sweet potato juice

Sweet potatoes are one of the common food security crops around. It is grown across most of the country, making it the third most grown crop, after...

Earn from sweet potatoes

Adding value to this product is the best way at earning more from the crop

How to make banana wine

The beauty of this is that the wine can be stored for as long as the producer wishes

What it takes to grow Irish potatoes

Overall, a farmer needs at least sh2m to set up an acre of Irish potatoes

How to sow groundnuts

Groundnuts cannot compete effectively with weeds, particularly three to six weeks after sowing

How to grow groundnuts

Groundnut is not suited to growing in very dry areas or at altitudes above 1,500m (around 5,000ft)

Humidity is good for mushrooms

You would need to ensure you have cool and dark surroundings for them to grow successfully

Mushrooms: That small dumpy room is enough...

For those who do not want to produce their own ‘gardens’, you can buy them at sh3,000-sh5,000


ULC gives away school land to real estate firm

ULC gives away school land to real estate...

The future of 62-year-old Parvatiben Muljibhai Madhvani Girls' School, commonly known as PMM Girls' located in Jinja City,...