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Harvest Money

Controlling pests on a bean farm

Planting on mounds or ridges can help to control the spread of bean root rot

Buy pregnant sows, earn from pork in five...

Cost for a three-month pregnant sow averages sh900,000 to sh1,200,000

Melons: Sweet money maker

With a medium-sized fruit going for between sh5,000 and sh7,000, watermelon is a real money maker. There are many types of watermelons on the market....

Invest in passion fruits, earn sh1.4m per...

Passion fruits are mainly grown from seeds, which can be bought from a farm supply shop or got from healthy passion fruits

Melons: Use preventative spray to control...

Melons are ready for harvesting from 75-90 days after transplanting, depending on the variety

Tomatoes: A cherry for all seasons

Potting is ideal for producing vigorous seedlings from the nursery

Preparing a tomato garden

It is advisable to plant varieties that have 100% resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus

Grow onions, taste money

Seedling trays can be bought from agri-input stores from sh5,000 for every 50 seedlings

Do not over-irrigate onion garden

Onions develop slower than other vegetable crops and are more susceptible to weed competition

Garlic can make you a millionaire

You will harvest 11,500kg of fresh garlic which, when sold, could fetch sh6,000 per kilogramme


Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as US braces for more fury

Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as...

Minneapolis, United States - An autopsy found Monday that an African-American man whose death has set off nationwide unrest...