Monday,August 03,2020 15:21 PM


Do we have fake investors?

Recently, the minister in charge of investment, Evelyn Anite, issued a stern warning against fake investors in the country.

Do we have a shortage of Sugar?

The Handshake examines whether there is a shortage of sugar in the country

Should donations from abroad be exempted...

The Handshake discusses taxes levied  on donations from abroad

What is behind these multi-billion markets?...

The Handshake discusses the myth behind multi-billion markets

Handshake: New law on SACCOs

New law on SACCOs

Handshake: 'I reserve my left hand for hygiene...

“(...) I learnt that I have to use my right hand to greet people but I reserve the left one for my personal hygiene."


TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

Cases are reported in different countries, but the desk has no funds to facilitate investigations