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Google boss backs Apple in encryption battle...

"We want to take a very strong stance against any form of backdoor whatsoever," chief executive Pichai said during a conference at Paris's Sciences Po...

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'Racist' video game pulled after uproar over...

By mid-day on Saturday, the app had been pulled from the two dominant smartphone app stores -- Apple's iTunes store as well as Google Play.

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Eight takeaways from 2016 Consumer Electronics...

Netflix stunned the show with the announcement that it added 130 new countries for its streaming TV service

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Google to produce 3D phone with Lenovo

The companies said the device would be a large-screen smartphone with a display of around six inches (15 centimeters).


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Expectant mothers warned against...

The warning was given by specialists from St. John Ambulance Uganda during a health camp at Mutembe Landing Site, Nyenga sub-county in Buikwe district.