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Is HIV cure really possible?

"When the HIV virus enters the human body, it multiplies so fast and increases in number. Afterwards, the virus enters some parts of the body," explains...

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Genes linked with sunburn, skin cancer risk...

Sun exposure is critical for the body's production of vitamin D, which keeps bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.

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Promising cancer treatment targets rare genetic...

The treatment targets a genetic abnormality which is often found in rare cancers.

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Most mutations in cancer 'are random DNA...

"Two-thirds of the mutations that occur in cancers are due to the mistakes that cells make when they divide."

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Mother's DNA may affect ageing – study

While nuclear DNA is transferred to offspring by both parents, mtDNA is inherited from the mother alone.

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Researchers solve mystery of red color in...

"In many bird species, the redder the male, the more successful it is at finding mates."

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Genetic causes for high cholesterol 'are...

"Many clinicians assume that patients with LDL above 190 have a familial hypercholesterolemia mutation as the major driver."

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Gene-editing technique heals mice with muscular...

There is still a significant amount of work to do to translate this to a human therapy and demonstrate safety


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Coronavirus threatens nearly 20...

The AU study published Monday said the African Union Commission "should lead negotiations of an ambitious plan for the cancellation of total African external debt", valued at $236 billion.