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What you must know about landscaping

Inviting a professional landscape designer on site will help take you through the different stages of design and demystify the unknown.

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A plant nursery can boost your income

To earn good money from a backyard plant nursery, you need to specialise in plants that can easily be multiplied.

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Bucket farming, a solution to limited space...

“Herbs and spices will also thrive in bucket planters but a gardener should be extra careful when mixing plants because some stunt the growth of the other,”...

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Bring extra glow, cosy feel to your home...

Benon Kisomose, a technician and electrician at Facom Uganda says the creativity applied in setting up garden lights to enhance the beauty of your home,...

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Grow it yourself: Tomatoes

Tomatoes grow well under warm conditions and fertile soils (organically or inorganically enriched). Money maker, heinz, Asla and neo-grand are the commonly...

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Awesome organisers for displaying small plants...

Some home owners choose to display them using metallic stands while others hang them.

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How to grow soursop

Soursop is known for its health benefits such as boosting the immune system and relieving pain.

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Grow seven plants in one planter

“Pocket pots work well for plants that get runners such as spider plants and straw berries,” she notes.

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Teach kids to grow their own food

“It should be a fun expedition. Let them get dirty while preparing their gardens, planting and harvesting,” he advises.

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Give your perimeter wall a natural look with...

"The first perimeter walls were made of cement which was smoothened to make them more appealing",


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Expectant mothers warned against...

The warning was given by specialists from St. John Ambulance Uganda during a health camp at Mutembe Landing Site, Nyenga sub-county in Buikwe district.