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Fufa Drum Tournament

Buganda petition FUFA in Drum competition...

Sh30m has been set as prize money for the winner of the second edition

FUFA DRUM Competition is back

FUFA acting President Justus Mugisha highlighted the fruits of the championship saying that it has created unity among the people.

FUFA Drum competition returns on Saturday...

In the new format this year; all the quarter-finalists will converge in one venue and play to determine the champion

The FUFA Drum: Buganda beat West Nile to...

The inter-province championship featured 16 teams from across the country.

Busoga through to the semi-finals of FUFA...

At Pece stadium in Gulu, Bukedi eliminated home side Acholi 6-5 on penalties after 1-1 draw.

FUFA Drum tournament set to kick off

Busoga and Bugisu will play the opening game in Jinnja.


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Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as...

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