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French Election

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Macron, 39, takes office as French president...

Macron is taking over from Socialist Francois Hollande in a solemn ceremony in Paris.

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What world leaders say about Macron's victory...

Global reaction after Emmanuel Macron wins the French presidential election, beating rival Marine Le Pen.

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The French Election

The four main candidates are all predicted to win between 19 and 22 percent of the votes this Sunday, a spread that is no greater than the polls’ margin...

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Trump looms large over French presidential...

With Trump in the White House and Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, a tough leader will be needed to defend French interests.


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Expectant mothers warned against...

The warning was given by specialists from St. John Ambulance Uganda during a health camp at Mutembe Landing Site, Nyenga sub-county in Buikwe district.