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Eleanor Byarugaba Kembabazi

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The Kembabazi I knew

Seeing her, her children, and accomplishment gave us rays of hope, almost by osmosis, that we too could make it someday. My first chance of learning how...

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Tributes pour in after Kembabazi owner passes...

Eleanor Byarugaba Kembabazi is famous in the catering circles but also has a huge following of friends, fans and family

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Kembabazi restaurant proprietor passes away...

Her restaurant has become popular, patronised by Kampala’s middleclass


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Exercising indoors: President Museveni...

President Museveni stopped Ugandans from exercising in public to stem the spread of the coronavirus. He said he would show them how to instead do it indoors - and true to his word, he has released pictures and footage doing so.