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Lets collaborate on access to water for all...

This is the edited speech Loic Fauchon, the President of the World Water Council during the opening session on October 20, 2019

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Sisi suggests floating Egypt military firms...

Sisi, a former army chief, took power in 2014 after the military ouster of his Islamist predecessor Mohamed Morsi.

Cairo Water Week: An opportunity to discuss...

Most of the African continent faces economic water scarcity where water is inaccessible

Egypt detains more than 1,000 after anti-Sisi...

In July 2013, Sisi led the military ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi

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Anti-Sisi protesters clash with security...

Such demonstrations are rare after Egypt effectively banned protests under a law passed following the 2013 military ouster of Mohamed Morsi

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Anti-Sisi protests break out in Egypt

At least five protesters were arrested and police fired tear gas at demonstrators around the square

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Museveni, Egyptian leader hold bilateral...

The two leaders discussed issues of mutual interest regarding the region and Africa

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Egypt hosts Sudan protest leaders ahead of...

The "important meeting" brought together the Alliance for Freedom and Change, Sudan's umbrella protest movement and the driving force behind the protests...

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Fiery Cairo car crash claims 19 lives

Deadly road accidents owing to driver error and dilapidated infrastructure are common in Egypt

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Nakiwala woos Egyptian investors to Uganda...

Government targets to increase coffee production from an average of 4.5 million bags annually to 20 million bags by 2025


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.