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Sharing Easter

Radio Rupiny and cybinel supermarket reward their customers

What is Easter Monday all about?

It has religious significance, because it is the day after Christians believe the messiah returned to earth

Let us act to change the world - Luwalira...

"Do not sit back because you are disturbed. Go and do something about it that will create a positive change."

SIM validation: NIRA offices to remain open...

This has been done to help members who are seeking national ID services.

In Saturday Vision:war on corruption

Four more ministers are being investigated over bribes.

Pope to wash feet of mafia snitches in Easter...

The closed-door visit to Paliano prison outside Rome will see the 80-year-old pontiff kneel before a small group of inmates, pouring water over their feet,...

In pictures: the spirit of giving

Th elderly were given household items.

15-yr-old stabbed to death at Easter fĂȘte...

The boy was stabbed three men who crashed a trans-night dance

Easter Sunday in pictures

Easter Sunday in pictures

Pope washes asylum seekers' feet in Easter...

Those picked for this Easter ritual included Nigerian Catholics, Eritrean Coptic women, Muslims and a Hindu Indian.


FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

"We found each of them with a packet of new razor blades," he said. Alany said the girls later acknowledged coming from Uganda,...