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Dr. Kizza Besigye

Foreign powers are pushing for dialogue -...

The four-time presidential candidate said President Museveni was demanding for dialogue at the beginning of the month

Govt: No talks with Besigye. Period

Government's spokesperson dismissed the remarks saying Besigye is doing all this for political "grandstanding and comedy"

'Weak' gov't is asking for dialogue - Besigye...

He said the President has realized NRM’s weakness and is demanding for dialogue

FDC dismisses Museveni- Besigye talks

This was during the party's press briefing

Criminal summons issued against Besigye

He refused to appear before Nakawa Court

What FDC clashes over EALA mean?

Muntu and Mafabi clashed on Thursday over the former's letter to the Clerk of Parliament withdrawing party secretary for mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe as...

The famous quotes of 2016

I last danced in 1966 and some poor dancers spoilt the whole thing by stepping on my toes.

Nothing extraordinary about my childhood...

"I was a daughter of two school teachers. I was brought up in a house on the suburbs of Mbarara town then, but in our house there was no electricity or...

Dr. Kizza-Besigye 's Christmas message

Christmas is a time of reflection on all these. It’s a time to reflect on our values, desires, affections and traditions. We reflect on the boundless love...

Can Byanyima become president?

She needs to overcome her husband first


FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

"We found each of them with a packet of new razor blades," he said. Alany said the girls later acknowledged coming from Uganda,...