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Death Penalty

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Global executions at lowest level in a decade...

Use of the death penalty dropped in Iran -- by an eye-popping 50 percent, following a change to its anti-narcotics laws -- Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia,...

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Japan hangs two for murder, bringing 2018...

With more than 100 inmates on death row, Japan is one of the few developed nations to retain the death penalty, and public support for it remains high...

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Judge meets prisoner whose sentence he commuted...

A reunion of judge and convict ends with the latter handing a book he wrote behind bars to his visitor.

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61-year-old convicted murderer executed

The death row convict, described by a a psychologist as a man consumed with rage, chose to be put to death by electric chair rather than by lethal injection....

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Hangman sought after death penalty is revived...

Sri Lanka has not executed a prisoner since 1976.

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Why death penalty is not the answer to problem...

Your Excellency, sir, the death penalty has no deterrent effect.

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Museveni regrets halting death penalty

Museveni last signed a death warrant in 1999 to execute 28 convicts, while execution under military law was last carried out in 2002.

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Mugabe calls for return of death penalty...

"I think let's restore the death penalty," Mugabe said in the capital Harare at the burial of a veteran of Zimbabwe's independence struggle.

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In today's New Vision: City land reforms...

We have details on the land reforms KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi wants implemented in Kampala city.

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Sierra Leone reconsiders death penalty

"People who kill should be killed. It will deter others," argues Milton Coker.


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.