Thursday,October 24,2019 03:10 AM


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Thugs rob Chinese national of sh13m

Thugs gained entry into the premises of the Chinese businessman when the private security guard had allegedly stepped out for lunch

Funding forensic sciences will increase criminal...

In order for the Uganda Police to excel at fighting crime, the Government has to boost funding in critical areas

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Kayihura suspends police officers over neglect...

Kayihura found out that officers do not patrol the city and when criminals are arrested, they are released

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Kumi DPC arrested after sh150m exhibit vanishes...

The officers were arrested over false declaration of money they recovered

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Thugs rob Kawempe traders over sh11m

Thugs killed a boda boda cyclist identified as Darius Atukwatse a resident of Kazo Central, who is also a pastor

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Man ‘buries murdered’ wife in bedroom

The slain woman has been a hair dresser at Kasenyi landing site in Wakiso district.

Inside the murky criminal world in Uganda...

In April, a highly specialized team of police was able to crack down on the gang also linked to the ADF leader Jamil Mukulu


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Uganda: A nation of drama

Theatre, which did not just play the role of a mirror to the troubled society of our war years, lost its appeal when it diverted to the “merely funny”. Since it did not give much hope to audiences, the fast growing Pentecostal movement took its place....