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Man charged with murdering British MP

Thomas Mair was arrested close to the scene of the attack.

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Child marriages: A huge challenge for Uganda...

For two months, this man reportedly sexually abused his ‘wife’.

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Gov’t mosquito nets thieves arrested

"The Health Monitoring Unit were tipped by concerned citizens."

Kiboga ‘child defiler’ remanded

The victim's mother says she realized that something was wrong with her daughter the following day.

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Fight crime with love

Communities have to be knowledgeable with high self esteem

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Suspected city hooligans rounded up

“Many traders have been complaining about these street kids ..."

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Kampala police arrest 35 suspected thugs...

It is reported the group at times use force and inflict injury on victims that try to resist.

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Mob hacks man’s leg after attacking granny...

Residents banished him from the village shortly after police rescued him

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Why all of us should join the fight against...

We in law enforcement see things differently and we want to be understood

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'Kifeesi': Police arrest 60 criminal gang...

One of the gang's members was shot dead by the police during a shoot-out.


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Uganda's top ten female athletes...

There has been a steady rise in female representation in Ugandan sport. Let's go down memory lane to check out the female crème de crème of Uganda’s athletics.