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Parliament vets newly-appointed judges

Three of the judges, including IGG Irene Mulyagonja, were appointed to the Court of Appeal while 12 were posted to the High Court.

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Justice Tibatemwa joins Seychelles court...

Last year, she was elected to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) for a five-year term.

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Court orders release of man jailed for two...

The Court of Appeal had summoned the DPP and the officer in charge of Luzira Upper Prison to explain why Amir Kinene remained incarcerated long after his...

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Court cancels sh50m award to Kakoma for composing...

In 2008, Kakoma sued the government for recovery of damages, compensation and royalties for infringement of copyright at £1.5m (about sh5.2b)

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Court of Appeal upholds acquittal of Kasiwukira’s...

Eriya Ssebunya Bugembe was on October 17, 2014 knocked dead by a speeding vehicle while he was jogging near his home in Muyenga

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Lt Col Kaye gets greenlight to appeal murder...

The Court Martial of Appeal passed a lesser sentence against Kaye on grounds that GCM had imposed a harsh sentence to him

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Court declines to release city lawyer Kasango...

The judge said Kasango has not shown that he has been a resident of Butabika in Kampala, where he states that he has lived for three years with his family....

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City socialite​ Kamyuka granted bail

On August 2, 2015, Kamyuka stabbed Ahimbisibwe with a broken glass, accusing him of beating his wife, Nima Nyarwaka at Guvnor Club in Kampala.

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Jailed Tabliq leader Kamoga in court for...

Sheikh Kamoga, 61, is seeking to be released on bail pending the determination of his appeal.

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Jamwa verdict expected today

Jamwa was jailed in 2011 for 12 years by then Anti-Corruption judge John Bosco Katutsi.


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Kaggwa's umbrella folds

The human rights activists is said to have collapsed from his car at Mulago round about while on his way to work.