Monday,August 03,2020 18:43 PM
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Coronavirus Curfew

143 vehicles impounded for failing to beat...

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says the law will catch up with the culprits.

Curfew: Bank cuts working hours

The readjusting of working hours follows the traffic jam that was faced beyond curfew time yesterday.

COVID-19: Kampala's new face under lockdown...

The curfew starts at 7pm and ends at 6.30 am and during this time movements along the roads were banned. Everyone is supposed to keep at home.

Kenya marathon star held for breaking coronavirus...

Kenya has imposed a 7pm-5am curfew in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

Cases are reported in different countries, but the desk has no funds to facilitate investigations