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Rain water would bring your house down

Providing barriers around the house in the form of feature walls or retaining walls can help stop water from running.

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UPC commends Government on local companies...

UPC spokesperson Michael Osinde said media reports show that local companies are failing to bid for government projects due to escalating security costs,...

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What it takes to build boys quarters

For convenience, many people need their house help to be resident, thus the need for boys quarters

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Tough season to build

The price of cement is now between sh34,000 and sh35,000 per 50 kilogramme bag,up from sh28,000 at the beginning of this year.

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Tenants fear for life over excavations

KCCA officials said the site manager had obtained the necessary approvals

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When to inspect your septic tanks

Septic tanks are built underground to collect waste generated from the bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.

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How to choose unique curtains for your home...

The retired Human resource manager and curtain designer advises that before anything, one should first get a color theme for the room they wish to furnish....

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Ways of saving on building materials

When you shop from one source, quality and quantity can easily be verified.

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Screen off your home with a wooden fence...

For security, you can reinforce it with wire mesh, barbed wire and screening plants like palms and shrubs.

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Setting up a home gym

To get a total work-out that is not limited to moderate weather, you will need to join a gym.


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How to safeguard your home while...

During this season, a number of people travel to their villages to join their family members in one big Christmas party and new year celebration.