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Why the Chinese language is important

Communication is a major factor in strengthening relationships; Such can be romantic or business relationships. But how can these be sustained if the two...

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Yusuf Lule Road accident claims four foreign...

Three of the occupants of the vehicle died on the spot while the fourth occupant died on arrival at Mulago Hospital's casualty ward.

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Diplomats, activists decry Chinese 'threats'...

Chinese officials, he said in a statement, are now "using public as well as private pressure to block concerted international action."

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EU official calls for harmonizing with China...

In September, the European Union put forward its alternative proposals for China's Belt and Road initiative.

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More Chinese companies moving to Africa

Investments from China contributed over 40% of the total foreign direct investments in Uganda in 2017.

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Chinese mark Tomb Sweeping Day by remembering...

On Thursday, a memorial ceremony was held at Namboole stadium in Wakiso district to celebrate the death of, Hu Yexing, Kong Huiping, Bao Jinping and Wang...

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20 Chinese nationals arrested by immigration...

five of them are to be granted immigration bonds but the sureties must be having a working permit

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Chinese electrical engineer wanted over murder...

The Chinese embassy in Kampala asked the Uganda Police to expedite investigations into the murder of two of its nationals


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Uganda: A nation of drama

Theatre, which did not just play the role of a mirror to the troubled society of our war years, lost its appeal when it diverted to the “merely funny”. Since it did not give much hope to audiences, the fast growing Pentecostal movement took its place....