Thursday,October 17,2019 08:50 AM


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NBA won't regulate speech, apologise over...

The tweet posted Friday has provoked an international firestorm, with China suspending broadcasts of NBA exhibition matches

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Pomp as China celebrates 70 years

Thousands of servicemen and women goose-stepped through the square, sophisticated tanks and armoured vehicles rumbled and up-to-date fighters flew by....

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China marks 70 years


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Xi bows to Mao ahead of China's 70th anniversary...

The celebration comes in a very bad year for the Chinese president

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Airbus hit by series of cyber attacks on...

There have been four major attacks on Airbus in the last 12 months, according to two security sources involved in investigating the hacking.

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Museveni commends China for aiding Uganda's...

The President said the recent MoU signed with his Chinese counterpart is meant to intensify the relationship between the two countries

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China at 70, a lesson for Uganda

Founded in 1949 after a long military struggle against imperialism and monarchical leadership, China under Communist Party of China (CPC) started a new...

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Museveni receives birthday message from China’s...

President Museveni celebrated his 75th birthday on September 15

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Why Chinese language is important

Learning Chinese is a direct ticket for one to easily read and understand world’s oldest literature

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Beijing to exit 200 most polluted cities...

The annual average PM2.5 concentration reached an eye-watering 104.0 in 2010


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Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.