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He only wants one child

Of late, he has refused to be intimate, saying he does not want to be tricked into having another child.

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Going about a play area for your children...

It’s important for parents to ensure that there is enough space in the compound.

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Father of 176 children seeks govt support...

"I receive 10 calls every day from different wives who want attention but I cannot be everywhere. I have seven wives in Kagadi alone," Mutone says.

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One woman, 100 children!

I often tend to desist from falling onto bandwagons of condemnation.

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Day of African Child and refugee children...

Children in refugee camps go through a lot of injustices.

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When should a baby start brushing teeth?...

"It would be important to use a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste, probably about the size of a grain of rice."

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EU boosts child migrant protection efforts...

"The number of children arriving in the EU with or without their families has increased dramatically."

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Circus arts help Syrian children make new...

Some learn the circus arts everyday because they are unable to go to school.

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Swift childhood cancer deaths 'more common...

Most of the research on childhood cancers comes from clinical trials involving treatments that might save lives.

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Women urged to instill Godly values in their...

“If you raise children to be God-fearing, they will reflect that wherever they go."


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Kabila pledges DR Congo elections...

In power since 2001, Kabila officially ended his term in office in December, but he was allowed to remain under the New Year's Eve deal in exchange for guarantees that elections will be held.