Thursday,March 21,2019 02:42 AM


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Nsubuga determined to retain Zabasajja Memorial...

The 27-year-old with a rating of 2222 was off to a colourful start, beating lower-rated Peninah Nakabo (1655) in the first of the eight rounds contest....

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Chess: Nakanyike gains Women Fide Master...

The New Year present puts Nakanyike close to attaining her dream of becoming Uganda’s first Woman International Master

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Nansubuga, Nakabo shine as Kireka make it...

Nansubuga is now the fifth and youngest female WFM title holder in Uganda.

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Kireka Chess Club puts victory party on hold...

The title race was between Kireka Club, Kireka Panthers and Mulago Kings, going into the final round that was held on Sunday.

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Uganda Junior Chess players show promise...

Kanyike amazed with stunning chess play against the traditionally strong Afro-Arab nations and South Africa.

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Kawuma facilitates Nakanyike to African championship...

Kawuma presented the cash to Nakanyike’s dad and Coach Augustine Buwule.

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Uganda Chess youngsters seek sponsorship...

The prestigious event has attracted nine African countries including Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Algeria and Somalia.

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Nakanyike to vie for chess olympiad

The 11-year-old primary six St Marcelino Academy Matugga player will be the underdog.

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Bigger prizes at stake during next year’s...

Ssubi Kiwanuka and Kitty Ndagizimana won the boys’ and girls’ U-8 categories with 8 and 7 points respectively.

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Host Uganda seek funding ahead of Africa...

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah promises the federation support.


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Safety at 'core' of Boeing, says...

"Safety is at the core of who we are at Boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone," Muilenburg said.