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Cervical Cancer

At-home test could boost screening for cervical...

The new screening, called the S5 test, is based on a urine sample or a vaginal swab that women can collect themselves at home and have sent to a lab.

HPV vaccine is safe, says health ministry...

In a statement the ministry underlines that HPV vaccine is very safe and effective and boosts the body’s immunity against HPV infection.

Cervical cancer project launched in Kagadi...

In Uganda, about 4,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year.

Cancer institute launches cervical cancer...

Cervical cancer is the number one cancer killer in Uganda and in most sub-Saharan African Countries.

IUDs cut risk of cervical cancer by one-third:...

The risk of cervical cancer in women with IUDs was one-third lower than women without them

Rotary Club offers free cervical cancer vaccination...

Currently government is carrying out vaccination against cervical cancer among all school-going girls aged between 10 and 13.

Nearly 400,000 girls get HPV vaccine

Cancer of the cervix is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of the cells of the cervix resulting in wounds and bleeding

MUK students make app to detect cervical...

Cervical cancer continues to account for the highest number of new cancer cases among women in Uganda

Nipping Cervical Cancer in the bud

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Ugandan women

Amuru legislator vows to fight for Cancer...

Anecdotal reports indicate that cervical cancer causes 70% of gynecological deaths


Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

The health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng, urged health workers to use the new facilities to save the newborns.