Cassava 318x200

Food prices still on the rise

Despite the high prices, vendors say the week’s sales were good.

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One dead, four admitted after eating poisonous...

The family had failed to get food for the past few days

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I. Coast seeks protected status for staple...

Making attieke involves peeling and then grating cassava.

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Kafu, where cassava is ‘softer than hot bread’...

A vendor emerges from a grass-thatched shelter displaying her goods: milk-white tubers of cassava.

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Kibuuku women turn ‘boring’ cassava into...

Mwidu has taken a lead to innovate on how cassava can give much higher returns to the farmer


Kaweesagirlfriend 318x200

Felix Kaweesi's 'lover' held hostage...

The SOS was reportedly sent by Muhoza who Kasingye described as the “so-called Kaweesi girlfriend”.