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Buganda kingdom offices closed

Mayiga said the offices will remain closed until April 14 and will resume with a staff while the rest of them will be working from home until the 32-day...

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80 teams for Kabaka Birthday Volleyball Festival...

The cultural sports festival will run from March 27 until March 29 at Lugogo.

Nakiyanja2214 318x200

Great artist killed minutes before 2020

The 36-year-old has been a talented and enthusiastic artist who also created the ‘Ebika bya Buganda monuments’.

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Buganda petition FUFA in Drum competition...

Sh30m has been set as prize money for the winner of the second edition

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🔊 PODCAST: The Mutesa I knew - Part 1

New Vision has dedicated this month of November to paying tribute to Sir Edward Mutesa II, the first president of Uganda and 35th Kabaka of Buganda. In...

Aminwithayoungprincemutebiinthe1970s 318x200

How Amin Related with Prince Mutebi

In the first days of his presidency, Amin pledged to return to Uganda the remains of Prince Mutebi’s father, Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa II, for a decent burial...

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Buganda commemorate 50 years since Mutesa’s...

Mutesa the 35th King of Buganda Kingdom is remembered to have been the first Ugandan President after the colonial rule.

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How Prince Mutebi went into exile

Baganda notables, chiefly Hon. Joyce Mpanga, got to know that a security report had awakened Amin to that reality, they advised those close to Mutebi to...

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Children ask Govt for protection

Children hailing from different parts of the country have decried injustices they suffer and tasked Government for protection.

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Onyango takes Buganda princess

Social media has been awash with pictures of the Princess with Renowned bar manager Gareth Onyango, holding hands and smiling with each other.


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🔴 CORONAVIRUS | Uganda confirms...

President Museveni says that of the 176 samples tested by the health ministry on Tuesday, 11 of them - all of them children - returned positive, lifting the total number of confirmed cases in Uganda to 44. Over 800,000 people are infected globally.