Friday,October 30,2020 03:14 AM


How can I get my boyfriend to consider me...

We have been together for 6 years, both in our thirties and independent. I feel that I would like to feel spoilt at least once a month by him surprising...

How do I cope with my boyfriend's long prison...

Everyone will think I’m stupid for staying with him but I’ll feel down and rubbish if I don't. I'm stuck!

My boyfriend's relation with his ex unsettles...

She knows about me and our relationship.

Is my lover's new female friend better for...

Due to my own insecurities I can't help but feel that I'm not good enough or that he'd be better suited with her.

Why doesn't he appreciate me anymore?

We argue a lot more, I don't get compliments anymore or thanked for things

Is his new job tearing us apart?

He has recently got a new job and has made new friends and become quite distant from me

Did I make the wrong decision moving in with...

We've been together for 3 years so thought it was a good time to move out.


Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

The health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng, urged health workers to use the new facilities to save the newborns.