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Cell-by-cell DNA science is 'Breakthrough...

Scientific papers have been published this year on how a flatworm, a fish, a frog, and other organisms begin to make organs and appendages.

Background on biotechnology Bill

Biotechnology is an applied science that derives from the core field of Biology, and the core subject of genetics.

Oldest known seabird lays an egg at 66

Wisdom, known to be the world's oldest seabird, was first banded in 1956.

Female monkeys use wile to rally troops

Female grooming and aggression "both appear to function as social incentives.

Smart science: Detailed brain map unveiled...

For more than a century, people have sought to delineate the different brain areas and their function.


FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

"We found each of them with a packet of new razor blades," he said. Alany said the girls later acknowledged coming from Uganda,...