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Andrew Felix Kaweesi Murder

Kaweesi murder: Bailed suspects return to...

Eight suspects in the murder of Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi are brought to court three days after being granted bail so as to secure their...

Kaweesi murder case adjourned to June 7

The Magistrate also extended the accused person’s bail until then.

One year later, Kaweesi's ghost fights on...

March 17, 2018 marks a year later after the death of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi. But all has not been well with the Uganda Police force. Is his ghost lingering...

Kaweesi received 'I will kill you' message...

Kaweesi showed a Catholic priest a text message on his cell phone (Kaweesi’s) that read: “I will kill you.”


TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

Cases are reported in different countries, but the desk has no funds to facilitate investigations