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Ambrose Tashobya

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Tashobya optimistic about Uganda’s 3x3 basketball...

Uganda finished on a winning note when they beat Andorra 18-12

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Death pool: Uganda to face Power houses at...

Uganda 3x3 girls’ basketball team will test themselves against reigning champions Russia, two time world winners USA, Iran and Andorra.

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Basketball: Tashobya calls for thorough preps...

The national team budget goes to about $116,000 (sh420.5m)


Bakayimbiradramactorsasceneintheirplayndiwulira1992 318x200

Uganda: A nation of drama

Theatre, which did not just play the role of a mirror to the troubled society of our war years, lost its appeal when it diverted to the “merely funny”. Since it did not give much hope to audiences, the fast growing Pentecostal movement took its place....