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Aleppo’s sobering lessons

Scholars of international relations often write about the perceived limits to the utility of military force.

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Putin calls Assad to congratulate on Aleppo...

"This success was possible thanks to mutual efforts of all who came together in the fight with international terrorism in Syria," it said.

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Aleppo and the Media

According to Western media, the city of Aleppo has not just been “destroyed”; it has been “annihilated”. There has not only been a “massacre”; there has...

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Fall of Aleppo shines harsh light on UN

"The fall of Aleppo is the single greatest crisis for the UN since the Iraq war," says a UN expert.

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UN to vote on sending observers to Aleppo...

The vote was delayed until Monday to allow the Russian delegation to consult with Moscow on the final draft resolution.

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Efforts underway to evacuate Aleppo

Syrian state television reported that at least 4,000 rebels and their families would be evacuated under the plan.

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Confident Assad eyes victory in Aleppo

In a wide-ranging interview with Syrian daily Al-Watan, Assad was confident of victory in Aleppo, though he admitted retaking the city would not end the...

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Russia-announced ceasefire to start in Syria's...

The pause is the second declared by Moscow in less than a month after a three-day ceasefire in late Octobe.

Russia halts Aleppo strikes ahead of brief...

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hailed the move as a "manifestation of goodwill".

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Air raids hit four hospitals in Syria's Aleppo...

The hospitals, as well as a blood bank that was hit, were located in the Al-Shaar neighbourhood.


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🔴 CORONAVIRUS | Uganda confirms...

President Museveni says that of the 176 samples tested by the health ministry on Tuesday, 11 of them - all of them children - returned positive, lifting the total number of confirmed cases in Uganda to 44. Over 800,000 people are infected globally.