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DJ Avicii death a suicide: report

The 28-year-old whose real name was Tim Bergling was found dead on April 20 while on vacation in Oman.

Break free: My son is an alcoholic, heavily...

Most of his friends have left him. One of his friends told me that he is always begging everything — food, soap, cigarettes and money.

Police accused of drunkenness

Pader RDC Justine Lungajul warned the officers against drinking, saying it does not only breach their code of conduct, but also messes up the security...

Help my wife is a drunkard 

She drinks all the time, in fact I cannot remember the last time she was sober.

Drug against alcoholism works, researchers...

The drug, baclofen, had "a positive effect" at high doses in reducing alcohol consumption over a year of treatment, according to study results released...

Educate masses on alcoholism

There is a danger posed by brewing, selling and the subsequent abuse of hard liquor across the country.

Alcoholism 'cure' may not work - study

"Prescribing baclofen widely as it currently happens in France might be premature and should be reconsidered."

'Addiction is a crisis, not a character flaw'...

"Substance-use disorders represent one of the most pressing public health crises of our time."

In Saturday Vision: Uganda suffering 'alcoholism...

Butabika Hospital treats about 5,000 cases related to alcohol abuse every year.


FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

"We found each of them with a packet of new razor blades," he said. Alany said the girls later acknowledged coming from Uganda,...