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Court to view exhibits in al-Shabaab terrorism...

It is alleged that the accused, all of whom are nationals of Somalia, were indicted for aiding or abetting terrorism and conspiracy to commit terrorism....

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4 killed in suspected Shabaab attack in Kenya...

"The attack was targeting non-locals and all those who died are not from here," says national police spokesman Charles Owino.

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'Al-Shabaab downgraded but remains a menace'...

AMISOM's spokesperson says the militants are still a challenge since they are embedded within the population and difficult to deal with.

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UPDF says 'no possible attack on Kampala'...

"The public is urged to go on with their business as usual. There is no threat," assures army spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire.

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US kills 'several militants' in Somalia air...

The attack took place early Thursday in the Bay region in the center of the country, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Mogadishu.

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AMISOM to flash out Al-shabaabs

The meeting agreed on measures to ensure Al-Shabaab is denied the freedom of organizing and instigating attacks against civilians.

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20 killed in Mogadishu attack by Al-Shabaab...

Two weeks ago, 358 people died in the worst attack in Somalia since the group launched its offensive in 2007.

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Somali president vows war on Al-Shabaab after...

We need to stand up together and fight Al-Shabaab who continue massacring our people," he said.

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Al-Shabaab defeated militarily—US

Lt Gen Osman Noor Soubagleh, the commander of AMISOM, said Al-Shabaab consists of native Somalis and some foreign fighters.

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Trump boosts US military authority for Somalia...

The decision is in line with the Republican Trump administration's policy to expand the authority of the military


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The breathtaking view of the Source...

Source of the Nile bridge adds to Uganda's spectacular views