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My wife is too close to her male colleague...

Since they work together, I believe they meet every day, but some of their calls are made during the time both of them are not supposed to be at work....

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My husband has stopped me from using make-up...

At first, he was okay with me wearing my make-up but as soon as we got married, he stopped me from using it.

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Am I too ugly to get married?

Two months ago, a boy in my class walked right up to me and told me so, then all his friends laughed at me.

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I am bankrupt, how do I tell my parents?...

My family all think I’m a big shot.

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AGONY: Girlfriend says can't get enough of...

I'm trying to explain my feelings about my day or something and she turns it sexual, winks and pulls sexy faces at me

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How do I get my wife to spend more time with...

I have told my wife how much I miss spending time and connecting with her.

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I am a widowed mother of three, but I desperately...

My needs have increased both socially and emotionally to the point that I can no longer control myself

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What does this old woman have that I don’t...

I am sassy, fit and fabulous. The woman is old, saggy and a mess. I can’t work out what he sees in her.

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Joint account tearing us apart

At the start of the marriage, we agreed that each of us would get pocket money and use the rest of our salaries on investment and running the family


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Iran executes nurse convicted of...

The woman was found guilty of carrying out the murder in June 2016 while working for the boy's grandmother.