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AGONY: Home has become a 'battlefield'

We are fighting about everything, from who uses the laptop charger first, what to have for lunch, who is giving the children work etc...

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AGONY: My husband sexually starves me

I am sexually starved but he has failed to understand my feelings and yet I do not want to cheat on him.

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AGONY: She called me to apologise for sleeping...

But all this was proven a lie when a certain chic called me last Saturday afternoon to apologise to me for having slept with my husband

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My husband has left me for the maid

My husband says he prefers the maid who has been taking care of him and that I go away with my education. I’m so hurt, I don’t know what and where to go....

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I’m stuck with a slay queen

It is bad and the few times he has tried to chase her, she refused to go.

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How do I trick my dad into doing a vasectomy?...

He impregnated a 17-year-old in 2014 and the village leaders forced him to take her on as his second wife. That girl has had four children so far.

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I’m single and traumatized

Meanwhile, I have failed to get a man to marry me. The men who approach me are fake, poor and don't fit my minimum standards.

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AGONY: My husband’s insecurity is killing...

I can barely breathe; I am not allowed to have my friends over at our house.

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AGONY: My husband is angry all the time

I just don't know how to deal with this, he will start a conversation and if I don't have anything to say he will get angry and start shouting.

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One night stand nightmare: I fear to take...

Suppose he gave me HIV? I am telling you, he is reckless and when I warned one of the interns against him she stupidly went and told him.


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Exercising indoors: President Museveni...

President Museveni stopped Ugandans from exercising in public to stem the spread of the coronavirus. He said he would show them how to instead do it indoors - and true to his word, he has released pictures and footage doing so.