Kyambogo university swears in new council members

By Hannington Mutabazi

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Kyambogo University has sworn in eighteen university council members to help in the successful implementation of the strategic objectives of the university.

According to Professor Eli Katunguka, the vice-chancellor of Kyambogo University, the fourth council which was headed by Professor John Okedi ended its term of office on August 31.

"I thank the fourth council members for their valuable contribution and working very closely with management for creating peace and harmony in the university. I am convinced that the fifth council shall contribute more extensively to the further rebuild the university," explained Katunguka.

Professor Eli Katunguka (left), the vice-chancellor of Kyambogo University takes an oath of secrecy as Lawrence Tweyanze (right), Deputy Registrar Inspectorate of courts looks on during the swearing-in of new council members at Kyambogo university. (Photo by Juliet Kasirye)

Addressing council members during the constituting of the fifth university council meeting at Kyambogo university, on Friday, Katunguka said elected council members who come from different constituencies represent academic staff association, support staff, top management while others come from Government.

According to Katunguka, when council members are elected, they not only push for the interests of their constituencies but also advocate for things which will promote the university.

Among the contentious issue's council, members handle include, disciplining of staff members, they manage university funds, budgets and accountability reports especially when council members feel management is not doing enough to manage the funds.

To ensure good governance, Katunguka noted: "The council will help management to develop policies, rules and regulations, approve university budgets, monitor how university funds are being used among others."

Reverend Grace Lubaale takes the oath of secrecy during the swearing-in of new council members at Kyambogo university on 16th October 2020. (Photo by Juliet Kasirye)

When new council members took the oath of secrecy, Lawrence Tweyanze, Deputy Registrar Inspectorate of courts at the judiciary headquarters, emphasized that "the oath you are taking calls for accountability, transparency, predictability, honesty, impartiality, boldness, maturity, collective responsibility and commitment."

However, for council members coming for the first time, Tweyanze, who was the presiding judge recommended members who thought they are coming for soft business to understand it is a tough business which requires one to be bold.

According to Charles Okello, the university secretary, in June 2020, he requested respective organs to submit names of persons to form the fifth university council in accordance with section 38 of the universities and other tertiary institutions Act 2001.

Mary Goretti Nakabugo, the elected interim Chair, noted that one of the key issue's institutions of Higher learning in Uganda need to focus on is funding to ensure universities have multiple sources of income.

New council members during a meeting at Kyambogo university on 16th October 2020. (Photo by Juliet Kasirye)

"Funding to higher institutions has reduced globally. We need to find ways of sustaining universities without having to depend only on Government funding and private students." Nakabugo disclosed.

In addition, Nakabugo advised the incoming council to ensure there is a balance between teaching and learning, strong advocacy on research, and community engagement.

Reverend Grace Lubaale, a new council member representing the academic staff constituency, promised to ensure that all interests of members are reflected in the council.

Lawrence Tweyanze (left), Deputy Registrar Inspectorate of courts interacts with Mary Goretti Nakabugo, the elected interim Chair during the swearing-in of new council members at Kyambogo university on 16th October 2020. (Photo by Juliet Kasirye)

"My objective is to ensure that the procedures of the appointment are right for academic staff. Money for research and allowance is available and that the policies favour the growth of the university." Lubaale disclosed.

The university council will elect the substantive chairperson on October 30. Though the council received nominations of members to represent the public, a full council will be constituted after the appointment of all the members.