Arcades are open for business

By Jacquiline Nakandi

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KAMPALA- On Tuesday, President Yoweri Museveni allowed 110 arcades to re-open following a nearly four-month-long closure due to the coronavirus crisis.

Salons and boda bodas were also given the green light - although the later category can only resume ferrying passengers with effect from July 27.

Out of 171 arcades that were inspected, only 110 arcades were found to be fit for re-opening.

President Museveni underlined that they, however, have to observe strict standard operating procedures while open.

They must observe or have the following:

1. Temperature guns

2. Social distancing

3. Handwashing

4. No traders or other people in the corridors

5. No traders on the verandahs and on the steps of the roadside

6. They must keep records of everybody who buy from there. In case the seller falls sick, it will be easier to follow up on the people who shopped from their business unit.

7. The sellers and shoppers in the arcade must keep social distance

8. No air-conditioning

9. Everybody must wear face masks

10. There should be enough toilets. If an arcade does not have enough toilets, it will be closed permanently.