Courage after Coronavirus

By Admin

None of us had previously ever thought that nations would be put on their knees as what we are seeing today

By Rogers Nsubuga

Please permit me to say something about what the universe is currently going through.

The World over right now is in a state of emergency, panic, and fear not knowing exactly what is to be done with all the challenges COVID-19 pandemic is doing to humanity! What is being heard on radio and seen on our screens is devastating deaths almost everywhere on that globe. Who is to save us?

COVID-19 is not a Ugandan problem only but the entire world except in those Nations where their Leaders have not come out openly to reveal to the world what exactly is happening to their people and the impact and constrain being faced. The truth is that Nations have been tested beyond their means, capability and disaster preparedness. However, the rest of the World is undergoing a very big experience and learning an indelible lesson in the manner Nations prioritize their national budgets. Which sector is accorded preferential consideration for a Lion's share of the National Budget? Is it health or defense? Is it disaster preparedness or Travel abroad and inland?

Many nations think that Security and Defense should be prioritized at the expense of Health, Education and Disaster Preparedness. And that Defense should take a Lion's share of the entire National Budget. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has disapproved of our thinking of what sectors should be given budgetary priority. Look at the big Nations now where are the Guns, missiles and jet fighters in this COVID -19 pandemic war? But who is at the front line as a hero and heroine?  These are Nurses and Doctors working day and night to save life not to destroy it.

None of us had previously ever thought that nations would be put on their knees as what we are seeing today! We are fighting an invisible war as the President of France said. Everything has been put at a standstill and a total lockdown. Schools, Universities, weddings, communal burials, concerts, places of worship businesses, travel, tourism, pilgrimages, sports events, work, conferences, elections, etc, have been stopped or postponed to unknown dates which may not be in agreement with the coronavirus program. The situation looks catastrophic as people are advised to remain home and restrict their movements. Transport both private and private has also been grounded to ensure that the population is protected. This environment looks more like a war situation. Is it a Third world war with God (3WWWG)?

COVID-19 has proved to the universe that it is not only a health and medical problem alone but it encompasses all areas of humanity namely: security, economy, politics, social, business (economy), Religious Beliefs, culture, International finance, foreign affairs, national and regional cooperation, education. States are worried about the invisible external and internal forces to attack them during such a crisis. The masses are traumatized and people with low mental coping capacity are going to be psychologically affected seriously even after being tested negative of the coronavirus. People who have been earning from hand to mouth have become dependants of well-wishers and Government handouts. Everywhere people are asking Governments to help them.

What is required now is to use a Holistic approach because the usual multi-sectoral one tends to leave out some sectors which are considered less important? Both scientists and humanists are needed. Together we shall be winners.

There is a need to ask ourselves now. How are the nations going to view themselves after Coronavirus?  First of all we have to rethink our policies and the way National Budgets are prioritized. For example Disaster Preparedness Ministries in many Nations have proved to be a disaster themselves and more than often badly prepared than the disaster they are trying to avert.  Many Ministry of Health both in developed and developing countries seem to be unprepared to handle such an unheard-of phenomenon!

Many developed Countries that several developing Countries had hoped to have been exposed to be incapable of. African Leaders have always been accused of poor planning and corruption yet many Africans have been going abroad to seek a treatment that could have been made available in their own countries. It's time now for Developing Nations to start planning seriously for our citizens for the similar medical facilities found in U.K, USA, South Korea, China, France and Spain which we have been seeing on our Televisions. Investing in arms may be like building a Foundation on Sand. The same arms can be used to get rid of you and leave him with no legacy at all behind him/her except torture chambers.

People who had lost faith in the invisible God will have to rethink their relationship with him once again and the gap between the rich and the poor will disappear because of death by an invisible enemy that has united them. Humanity will know that money and material things don't help much. It is all vanity of vanities.

People from developing countries will have to remain in their Countries than going abroad for greener pasture which is not there. Corona Virus has proved that there is no such thing as greener pastures.

Working, studying and medical treatment abroad will cease for some long time after the coronavirus deletion by God.

Funds that have been spent going overseas for first-class medical attention will have to be channeled into domestic health care facilities to resuscitate them and give confidence to the citizens.

Several studies and investigations will be everywhere in search of answers as to whether coronavirus was a biological war used as a weapon of mass destruction used by power-hungry persons or Nations? Did God have an upper hand in this scenario? Theologians will have to tell the world. 

 I must say that this is not an apocalyptic essay but a message from a concerned soul. The rationale is that God must be having a serious message for us as individuals in the world however much some Scientists and Apostates may not have wished us to believe it because of their own reasons.

The message is to end our pride, selfishness, and independence in order to TRUST him entirely, obey him, and love him and our fellow human beings.

Finally, let the World be hopeful that the situation will normalize and sooner than later go back to normal without a curfew, lockdown, quarantine, isolation, and self-imprisonment.

Our God is a loving God, compassionate kind and merciful. He will look upon us again.

The writer is a civil servant.