Navio selected as brand ambassador for Ventree life

By Abbey Ramadhan

The hip-hop rapper also called upon parents to always give children nutritious food to avoid stunted growth among the children.

Daniel lobamba kigozi popularly known as navio with director priceless farms aaron elton showing ventree a moringa product after becoming ventree brand ambassador this was at east african university on february 1 350x210

Ugandan rapper, Daniel Lobamba Kigozi popularly known as Navio has been nominated as the brand Ambassador for Ventree life.

Ventree is a platform for online investment in rural sustainable forest plantations and farms which contribute towards a reduction in deforestation.

The Ugaflow singer is expected to sensitize Ugandans on eating food that are rich in nutrients and good for health

The director Priceless Farms, Aaron Elton said they embarked on the move to prevent non communicable diseases such as stroke, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, cataracts, and others.

 entree official with avio Ventree official with Navio


He made the revelation during the launch of Ventree, a Moringa powder products, at the 2020 Sustainable living life Expo at East African University Kampala on Tuesday.

Elton said Navio was nominated to market the product and to sensitize the public on the importance Ventree products. He said the product boosts the immune system that helps in fighting diseases.

"We want to alert Ugandan on the values of eating superfoods and green products like Moringa that plays an important role in brain boosting, weight management` breast milk booster hence increasing the health of the people, adding that artist like Navio can mobilize the people better,'' Elton said.

The 2020 Sustainable living life Expo is under theme, Exploring incredible world of sustainable agricultures superfood. 

Elton revealed that the expo that is scheduled for March 27, 2020, will focus on three major issues, including sustainable agricultures, the science behind marketing and food malnutrition a solution to African health.

According (Demographic and Health Serval DHS and UBOS  2018) 2.2 million children under 5 years (29%) suffer from stunting as a result of growth under limited provision of food, health, and care.

In an interview with the New Vision, Navio applauded Priceless Farms for entrusting him as Ventree brand Ambassador, calling Ugandan to take Moringa because its works as blood cleanser.

"Dear Ugandans, a healthy life starts with you. Use Ventree Moringa product and protect your body from non-communicable disease," Kigozi advised.

The hiphop rapper also called upon parents to always give children nutritious food to avoid stunted growth among the children.