I'm stuck with a slay queen

By Admin

It is bad and the few times he has tried to chase her, she refused to go.

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KAMPALAI started seeing this slay queen in September and towards Christmas, I invited her home so that we spend the festive season together. 

But I regret that decision, in fact, it is my worst decision of 2019. She is very untidy, does not do any housework. She spends the whole day either watching TV, sleeping or on her phone.

Whenever I come back from work, I find the utensils used the previous night still dirty.

In fact, she waits for me to cook the food for supper and even requests that I prepare extra for her lunch the following day while I'm at work. 

It is so bad that the few times I have tried to chase her away, she refuses to go.  I refused to buy food for the past two days but she is not bothered. She is from a rich family, so money is not an issue.

I even told her that I would be going to the village in January, she said: "No problem." but I want her out of my home.

What should I do?

Kindly advise