Teachers defiles 9-year-old, school goes silent

By Carol Kasujja

After the incident, the girl went to the classroom and informed her friends that her private parts were hurting. The friends advised her to tell the headteacher.

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A nine-year-old girl was allegedly defiled by her teacher at St Catherine Junior School, Ssonde, Mukono.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, confirmed that the Police in Seeta recorded a case of defilement and arrested Janefaffe Kamau, a Kiswahili teacher, for breaching the teachers' code of conduct and moral ethical behaviour by defiling his pupil.

"We arrested the teacher, but the child's mother wants the school to pay her. We did ours part of arresting the culprit," said Onyango.

The Primary Two girl was abused on September 25, but the mother was informed by the Police on October 9.

According to documents, the teacher picked the victim from the school compound and took her to the administration block, where he defiled her.

"My daughter was picking rubbish with her friends in the morning, the teacher picked her, claiming he was going to punish her. When they reached the administration block, he took her into the music room and asked her whether she wanted to sleep or to go to class. When the girl said class, the teacher ordered her to remove her clothes and abused her," the mother narrated.

After the incident, the girl went to the classroom and informed her friends that her private parts were hurting. The friends advised her to tell the headteacher. After supper, the victim went to the headteacher's office and informed her what had happened to her.

The school than rushed the girl for medical attention.

According to the victim's mother, she called her daughter over the weekend but was not told about the incident. She also went for visitation, but still, she was not informed. However, the girl looked miserable.

"During visitation, she asked me to get her out of the boarding section, but I did not ask why. She must have been told not to tell me," she said.

Two weeks after the incident, the school took the girl to Police and later informed the mother that her daughter was defiled.

"A Police officer on October 9 called me and asked me to report to Seeta Police Station. Since my child was in the boarding section, I asked why they wanted me, yet my child was at school.

"Instead of going to the Police, I went to the school and after realising that my child was not there, I rushed to the Police, only to be informed that my child was defiled," she narrated.

The school organised for the child and the mother to be counselled, but they did not pay fully. When the mother tries to call the school, they do not pick her calls.

"They took me to a counsellor, who instead started investigating the case. She was asking whether I had got a lawyer or told any journalist," the mother said.

She accuses the school management of failing to pay for counselling for the child to overcome the trauma.

People close to the girl say she is calm, reserved and weak.

"We served the school with a notice to compensate me, but they have gone silent, I stopped working to look after my child, she keeps touching her private parts, she says they itch, she has missed school," the mother said.

Sources say other eight children confided in there parents about the same teacher allegedly sexually abusing them.

Alice Nabirye, the headteacher, confirmed that the girl was defiled, but dismissed claims that they had not helped the mother.

"I made the plans to take the teacher to Police. I feel the mother's pain. It is not true that we have refused to look after the mother, our lawyers wrote to her, requesting for us to meet to hold talks, but she has not replied," she said.

If found guilty, the 26-year-old teacher could face up to 18 years in prison for defilement.

According to the Penal Act Uganda 1950, a person who unlawfully has sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 18 commits an offence and is liable to suffer death.