Notice from Ministry of Works and Transport

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The Ministry of Works and Transport has allocated funds to be used for the procurement of Consultancy Services for evaluation of compliance to Environment and Social safeguards in the sector in Uganda The Ministry of Works and Transport now invites eligible consulting firms (Consultancy) to express their interest in providing the above services. Interested firms/Consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services with among others, showing experience in similar assignments, availability of appropriate skills among staff, proof of legal status, financial capacity and firm organizational set up.

The consulting services includes activities to: (a)Establish which Environmental and Social Safeguards tools and Frameworks are operational across the Works and Transport Sector in Uganda; (b) Assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, outlook, sustainability, impact and level of compliance in implementing the environmental and social safeguards tools in the Works and Transport Sector;, (c)Assess appropriateness of coherence, partnerships and coordination modalities in implementing the tools/frameworks; and, (d)Identify the gaps and areas/ lessons for improvement, (e) and propose strategic, forward-looking, programmatic and management considerations to improve performance of the environmental and social safeguards' tools and frameworks in the Works and Transport Sector



  1. The Ministry of Works and Transport has allocated funds to be used for the acquisition of Consultancy Services for Development of a Users' Manual for the Rehabilitation and Maintenance Planning System (RAMPS). 
  2. The Entity now invites eligible consultancy Firms to submit sealed expressions of interest for the above mentioned consultancy. 
  3. Objectives of the Assignment The main objective of the assignment is to develop the rehabilitation and maintenance planning system users' manual and the specifi c objectives are to: