Transitional Justice Policy

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Joint Civil Society Communiqué

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We the undersigned Civil Society Organizations welcome the announcement, on 17th June 2019, of the passing of the National Transitional Justice Policy of Uganda by the Cabinet. As Civil Society, we wish to applaud the Government of Uganda for this timely milestone.

The policy offers an opportunity to acknowledge past atrocities and human rights abuses, ensure accountability, serve justice, promote reconciliation and contribute to a shared narrative on the history of the country and legacies of confl ict through truth telling measures. Almost 11 years after the Government of Uganda committed to set up measures that would promote accountability, justice and reconciliation, thousands of victims continue to suffer the effects of serious violations that they endured during the protracted confl icts between government and various armed groups. Many are in critical need of rehabilitation, counseling and material assistance. Thus far the government has not put in measures to address and remedy these violations, despite its commitments under the Juba "Agreement on Accountability and Reconciliation" and subsequent agreements.